Hi!  You've found the root Blaser.ca website, but we're doing a lot of different things here on this site - a couple of personal websites, a couple of home-based businesses and some of the stuff that we do for fun and entertainmeng.  Here's some of the things that we are doing so that you can narrow down the search of what you're looking for:

Personal Information
  • Dave's LiveJournal - Dave fancies himself as a bit of a blogger, but he says that you shouldn't find much in the way of things that are really serious on his blog.  It's more or less for him to comment on the things he sees around him, laugh at the world, and vent about things that frustrate him.

  • Dave on Facebook - Just about everyone is on Facebook these days, and being a tech geek, it would be almost unheard of if Dave wasn't there too.

  • Dave on Twitter - Again, it's another geek thing.  Twitter is a short text update which asks the question "What are you doing right now?"  Dave usually fills this with mindless blather or has conversations with friends on it.

  • Debbie on Facebook - Yes, even Debbie has her own Facebook account.  Here's the best place to see what's going on with her lately.

Stuff that Debbie and Dave do as Hobbies or Just Fun Stuff
  • Dave's Picasa Web Album - Pictures that Dave has taken, things that he thinks is entertaining, or just plain old stupid and funny.

  • STARFLEET - Debbie and Dave are into science fiction and fantasy (sometimes Dave just thinks that Debbie tolerates his love of it, Debbie is much more into animals) and are *gasp* card carrying members of a fan club.  May whatever god you believe in have mercy upon their souls!